Max Factor X BDJ BOX Beauty Soiree ♥

I was invited to Max Factor Philippines X BDJ Beauty Soiree event last December 14, 2013 held at Max Factor Counter at Rustan's Makati. 
I was not feeling well due to colds. Clogged nose and runny nose makes me feel unpleasant throughout the day but it was a really fun afternoon watching and listening in an intimate setting as Bobby Carlos, Chief Makeup Artist/National Makeup Artist for for Max Factor Philippines demonstrated how to recreate the perfect holiday look. I am so glad that I did not missed it! 

I love that I also met new Bella friends  
Mizi and Jacqui  
 Zh Ai  ♥ 

What comes in your mind when creating a holiday look? 

For me it is all about Shine like a Star, what I meant was anything that sparkles, glitter, shine and shimmering makeup. 

For Bobby Carlos, holiday look is about smokey eyes and matte skin. Dewy skin are for summer season. 
I learned so much from Bobby Carlos, he gave us so much tips and tricks. 

First always remember to apply makeup in a clean face, even when you are just testing it in the counter. You cannot choose the proper exact shade as your natural complexion if there is dirt, oil and makeup changing the color on your face. 

Second when putting a makeup make it a better version of you. Never let someone tells you that "Your makeup looks beautiful" instead it is better that you will be complimented that "You look beautiful". 

 Using the best seller MAX FACTOR Face Finity All Day Flawless 3-in-1 Foundation because it has everything on it. It has concealer, Prevents the acidic face from changing color, get it in the exact color because this is the foundation that won't lighten or darken. Bobby Carlos highly recommends it! 
When putting foundation it is not necessary to put it all over the face.
 Do not pile too much makeup and just be natural beautiful.
 Apply it in the forehead, around the face,nose and lip area and work your way OUT. 
Concentrate on the under eye area and always make use of your best tool, your finger. Always make sure to blend, blend and blend very well.
What is the difference between loose, pressed and compact powders?
Loose powder is a makeup finisher. 
Pressed powder is also a makeup finisher and like a loose powder, but the difference is that it is pressed and can be carried around for quick touch-ups during the day.
Compact powder is used for correcting the face or color.
MAX FACTOR Creme Puff is both pressed and compact. 

♥ Concealer has to be the same formulation as your foundation. When using liquid foundation it has to be also liquid concealer because if you use cream and it is too thick. 
Apply foundation first before you put on concealer.
♥ MAX FACTOR foundation is buildable and acts as a concealer as well. 
♥  When doing smokey eyes or dark eyeshadows, always remember use one portion of your brush because when you apply eyeshadow in two sides it can fall on the under eye area. 
♥ Apply extra powder under the eye. The eyeshadow will fall onto the powder and can then be easily swept away with the flick of a powder brush.  

 You can wet your brush and with MAX FACTOR eyeshadows you can apply it wet and then use a dry brush for blending.
♥ When doing a smokey eyes just do a concave.
 Curl lashes in the base, middle and tip areas to avoid dark circles under your eyes.

 Apply mascara at the base then set to dry.
♥ Once dry, apply your mascara full swing onto the lashes.
 When applying blush, SMILE and do a circular motion on the apples of you cheeks and do a figure of 8 swing from the apple outwards. 
If you want to know the right blush shade for you then squeeze your palm tight and open it. The color of the blood rushing back to your palm is the right shade for you. 

♥ Use a moisturizing lipstick instead of long lasting because long lasting lipstick can tend to dry your lips. 
♥ Use lip liner with the added benefit of giving your lipstick long-lasting staying power.

For thick lips, apply gloss to the middle of the bottom lip only.


There are no rules when it comes to makeup. As long as you are comfortable. You can be your own makeup artist!

Visit MAX FACTOR Counter Now and Create your own makeup look with MAX FACTOR 

Discover your perfect mascara with the best lash lengthening, curling and volumizing wonder wands with a range of different MAX FACTOR mascaras to choose the perfect type for that luscious lashes. 

 I will be reviewing these MAX FACTOR CC Colour Correcting Cream soon! 
 We were treated to a sumptuous snacks after the makeup workshop at EAST CAFE, Rustan's Makati. 

Thank you so much MAX FACTOR Philippines and BDJ Team for the wonderful afternoon  


Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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Thank you!  I really appreciate it!

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  1. Awww sayang I wasn't to make it due to work sched :( Thanks for sharing the tips sis! <3

  2. wow i have learned a lot on this po Ms.Rochelle, Thanks so much for sharing all those tips and tricks.sabagay sa makeup there is no rules talaga, just do what works for you best. Yung extra powder under the eye para if my falling particles from the eyeshadows madaling matatanggal, totoo yan, pero sometimes diko nagagawa, nakakalimutan lang :P hehe. I like that foundation kasi dual purpose, concealer na rin xa, if i am not mistaken, it is priced 800 plus, kasi last time i visited their counter I checked on that foundation, talagang dinemo pa ng SA sakin, nagandahan ako sa coverage, full coverage and talgang nahide redness sa face ko,, namahalan lang ako di kaya ng budget kaya di muna ako bumili :) next time siguro bibilhin ko na . I will definitely watch out for your CC cream review. parang type ko rin yan hihi :D

  3. I love smokey eyes.. you could never go wrong with that style. It may look complicated but it is actually easy.
    I didn't avail this offer anymore nor attend the soiree since It is a bit far but should they decide to do it somewhere near here or at least sa ATC, might be able to join or attend too. Conflict din kasi sa work sched...lagot nasa boss if laging absent. Hopefully meron akong ma-attendan events this holiday season since I am not planning to work next week until the eand of the year.. hehehe (di pa alam ni boss)..

    Anyways, I made the mistake of applying concealers first before foundation.. baligtad pala..hehehe, now I know what to put first. When I was in College (nung di pa uso ang primers), I usually prefer wet application of eyeshadows para kumapit at makulay. I wanted to try the eyemakeup shown in the tutorial above. Bet ko sya. Laki talaga difference. Kahit simple lang lipcolor or blush, as long as maganda ang eye makeup, nababago talaga ang aura :D
    Sana Na-make-over ka rin so we can see you in your full makeup gear :D

  4. I love the technique about the eyeshadow thing. i'll do that some other time :D

  5. after the BDJ Box - Max Factor Kit exclusive comes a Beauty Soiree! it must be fun to be a Bella. :) *envy much*

  6. So sad. I signed up for this but never heard back from the team :(

  7. Learned so much about this post. Thank you for sharing! For me na wala pa masyadong alam about makeups.. now may alam na ako some tips. Practice muna. ^_^
    Tama.. the person must look beautiful and not the makeup, kaya nga nag makeup eh.. to look better. :) and also in makeup, you must know everything, what's the ingredients/contents and how to use it. :) I was wrong, foundation first because you will know what to conceal after. and it must with the same formulation. thank you talaga for this. ♥ I love the eyemakeup! I'm weak when it comes to this. >.<

    Max factor has really good-quality makeup products ♥ sana magkaroon na ako. *hehe*

  8. Wow! Thank you po for this post Ms. Rochelle! Dami kong natutunan sa pag apply ng make-up. Minsan talaga kelangan din makita kung pano ginagawa ng tama para mas agguide ka sa techniques mo sa sariling pammake-up. Sabi nga "learning is a process" nga diba. (Tarushh naapply ko ang quote sa make-up) hehe!

    Anyway Thank you for always posting blogs without anylimits sa topics mo. Minsan wellness, minsan cosmetics, minsan events.. Sobrang wide ng scope niyo and sobrang wide din ng natutunan ng mga readers mo. Hope this wont stop here.

    More blogs and more power to you!

  9. Oow . Some of my comments in your blogs are missing. But its ok though . I just want to have a comment here again Ms. Rochelle :)
    I do really think na mapagkakatiwalaan natin yung MaxFactor when it comes to make up and of course if ever we don't have time para makapagayos and we are in a hurry due to some unexpected activities, I think the best ang MaxFactor para lapitan and to give our trust to the creation na gagawin nila sa atin .
    I also learned a lot with this blog. Importante rin pala ang bawat move ng kamay sa pagmemake up. There are certain and specific use yung mga gamit natin sa pagmemake up.
    Want to experience this :) ♥

  10. Maganda talaga ang product na Max Factor, prooven na kase kahit mahal and maganda talaga ng impact sa face. Kung minsan sabi nila, halata daw sa make up sa mukha kung mahal eto kase malinis tignan, gaya nong model ang ganda talaga ng outcome ng eye nya after.

  11. Nice post! The tips you shared were great. I agree about the foundation. I've seen youtube gurus who make makeup tutorials and ang kapal nila mag apply ng foundation, parang geisha na and it looks unnatural so mas okay pa rin talaga pag light makeup base lang basta maconceal lang ang blemishes / pimple makrs. I also observed that the makeup artist only used one eyeshadow lang pala for that smokey eye look... Matry nga rin. haha. okay na pala ang black tapos blend blend nalang nuh? Beauty Blenders are also a must in a make up kit. Okay xa when applying foundation / bb / cc creams.


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