My Barbie inspired hair by Creations by LOURD RAMOS SALON ♥

I was inspired by the Princess and Popstar by Barbie hair and I always dream of becoming a blonde.
Just in time a blogger friend of mine, Ja Nese invited me to experience the services at Creations by LOURD RAMOS SALON in Green Podium at Taft. 

Creations by Lourd Ramos Salon has gained patronage and respect among its extensive array of clientele since its launch on December 10, 2010 due to its innovative state-of-the-art facilities, coupled with each staff's sheer talent and creativity, which promise luxurious beauty enhancement, total relaxation and uncompromised pampering.

Lourd Ramos, Davines Italia ambassador, Avon hair care consultant and one of the country’s most sought-after premiere hair and makeup artists together with a roster of highly-trained professionals who recognize the importance of positivity, wellness, and improved self-worth, creates a new and better version of you that will fit in the changing of times that will radiantly stand out. He is also the genius behind the trendy salon, who has garnered top honors like the Go Negosyo Starpreneur award 2011, Studio 23’s Make-up Artist of the Year award 2010, Davines Italia Philippines Grand Winner award 2007, and 5thplace at the Davines World Style Contest in Barcelona, Spain, continues to share his valuable expertise via the birth of his second branch for his namesake Creations by Lourd Ramos Salon.
Creations by Lourd Ramos offers a wide array of beauty services such as haircuts, coloring, styling, treatments and more plus luxurious spa services for your regular pampering sessions.
If you are looking for the ultimate hair expert yet very affordable prices to make your hair fabulous and a relaxing pampering day.
Perfect time for the Holiday Season, Christmas and New Year with a New Look  
My hair before ♥ 
 I went to so many salons and no one was able to achieve the super blonde that I want. 
I had my hair color using Davines Organic Hair Color + Treatment + Full Bangs Cut 
I was so happy and satisfied that finally Creations by LOURD RAMOS SALON achieved the blonde that I had always wanted. Thanks to the hair expert, Brian of Creations  My dream of becoming a blonde was fulfilled.
I was also over due for my pedicure so I decided to have it done while waiting for hair. I love that the nail technician was very gentle on my nails. I did not feel any pain despite of not having it clean for over a month.
Pink Nails to complete my Barbie Inspired look ♥ 
I also had my eyebrow color to match my hair. It will last for about a month. 
Tadah! My Barbie Princess Tori and Pop Star Keira inspired hair ♥ 
I know it is crazy and not someone who is a Mommy and in my age will do but I really love it before I turned my hair dark next year for another ambition of mine. 
Do you have a hair ambition? Color, Cut or Style you want then I highly recommend you to VISIT
Unit 23 One Archer's Place Taft Ave, Corner Castro & Fideria A. Reyes Sts. Manila 
Call for appointment: 0917-833-5896 

For more details and to know about the other branches: 
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Would you rather fit in or stand out? 
What do you think of my new hair? 

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

Brian the stylist and his assistant

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Thank you!  I really appreciate it!

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  1. Oh wow, indeed crazy hair color but suits you a lot. I just think that the top part is too bright..
    Im indeed crazy when it comes with hair .. I love the gradient and the colors on your hair tip.
    Im so jealous that bright color still suits you.. I indeed agree that you super look like a barbie, you can be one! a life size figure hehe, Im jealous with those who have blonde hair, cos they can easily get the hair color that they want unlike us brunettes we sometimes need bleaching to achieve our desire color.

    I have a dream hair, i want to have a long platinum blonde hair ^_^ Hehe, I hope you posted picture with how does it look when it straight .. :D
    Im wondering how much does you hair costs? >.<

  2. Ang cute!!! bet ko ang hair color mo!

  3. Barbie lang ang peg talaga, match with pink nail polish!!

  4. Cute hair rochelle! im so glad you did this! :) big hugs!

  5. Ms. Rochelle, you really stand out with your Barbie Princess Tori and Pop Star Keira inspired hair. I don't know if I can do that, maybe I don't have the guts! Lol! That was a pretty nice creation of Lourd Ramon Salon :-)

    1. Thanks Aliz ♥ Yes it was a lot of guts but I just trusted Creations of Lourd Ramos Salon with it and I am glad it turned out okay! It was definitely a head turned for everyone I passed by and talk of the town if whether they can do this kind of crazy but fun hair.

  6. wow you are a doll ms.Rochelle. I like the pink highlight on your curls. My hair ambition is thin highlights below my hair, yung sa inner part lang ng light pink, that has been my admired haristyle na diko magawagawa. i like two or more color sa hair ko right now I have three colors, burgundy, ash brown and dark brown tas lumilitaw na yung black sa taas, hihi, i love to experiment on my hair not only on my makeup. I am so happy for you Ms.Rochelle it turned out so pretty :)

    1. It is actually Violet ♥ Gusto ko nga sana PINK :-)

      I like your hair ambition too. Yes experimenting is FUN!

    2. habang tumatagal parang type ko rin ganyan style ms,rochelle, pero not that light on the top part siguro darker pa.. crush ko talaga hair mo.. I am sure your kids and hubby also love the look :)

  7. What a CREATION ! From CREATION :) Your hair is so GORGEOUS. the blending of colors really fits each other Ms. Rochelle ! I didn't know that it can be done really good here in the Philippines because I just always saw that kind of style in Korea and other countries. But my judgement Ms. Rochelle, it really suits you po. This is not a false compliment because it do really suits you first because you have a good and white skin and Ms. Rochelle don't think that it is crazy because at your age you did that style, it's not about the age because the most important is kung paano niyo po dadalhin ang style niyo ngayon :)
    GodBless Ms. Rochelle :)

    1. Thanks Jevelyn!
      Yes Creation is definitely good in creation of a Barbie Hair that I always wanted. I love attention so this is a great move I guess. :-)

      I love what you said ♥
      God bless ♥

    2. Thanks Ms. Rochelle . Just feel it and be proud of it po :)
      GodBless din po ! ♥

    3. Thank you so much Jevelyn :-) I really appreciate all your comments ♥

  8. That is so pretty! I admire cool Moms like you who can pull off daring styles like this. Kudos! ^_^

  9. Achieve.. I so like it.. it is really a great feeling when you achieve the thing that you have dreamt of..perfect for the Holiday season ^_^

  10. Sis!!!! I want this!!!!! <3 Bet na bet ko ang light blonde with full bangs and purplish ombre! Super love this!!! <3

    While you'll go dark next year, ako naman I plan to go light and do a purple-pink ombre by the end of January. :D Pagamit ako ng photo mo for peg ah? I want something similar sana :D Hihi <3

    1. For sure bagay din sayo. Go lang Girl! ♥

      Ang sarap ng attention when you go out. Hahaha everyone will look at you. Naku! Hahaha... Saya experience din.

      I am going to apply for a Mommy Role sa TVC and dapat talaga gusto na nila pa dark yung hair ko, I was even looking for a Salon sa day ng Final Casting because they do not approve Mommy with a colored hair pero I don't know I decided na before I change it to dark hair to experience muna my Blonde Ambition :-)

  11. I love your hair Rochelle! If only I'm as fair and pretty as you are I will definitely try this! Ganda nung highlights (if that's what you call it ^^) Now I miss my long hair. I want it red naman pag humaba na ulit. And also, it's okay, you don't look like a mommy at all, dalagang dalaga lang :)

    1. Haha I think they called it Ombre :-) Gusto ko nga sana highlights and streaks of violet lang pero mahirap na daw patungan yung violet so sa ends na lang para I can have it cut pag ayoko na siya. Yes I like you with long hair pero you are still pretty pa din. :-) Hahaha nagfeeling dalaga. ♥

  12. Wow! I really like your hair ...You pulled it off...Ikaw lng yata ang mommy na babagayan ng ganyang pretty

  13. I love the hair color and the nail color, FENK! hihihi. Fab Momma kayo Ms. Rochelle kaya okay lang yan ganyan. Hindi nga po halatang mommy na kayo.
    Kelan kaya ako magkakaroon ng hair make over.. wala ako lakas ng loob magchange ng hairstyle feeling ko ksi hindi babagay sakin.

    1. You will never know until you try :-)
      Go lang pabeauty beauty tayo and experiment whatever we like di ba? :-)
      Thanks Istin ♥

  14. I want to fit in and to stand out as well *hahaha* You look so pretty with that hair, buti bagay sa inyo yung color combination. Galing nila :) Weather-weather lang kasi ang bagay sa blonde. I'm happy for you :) You really achieved the Barbie-look! ♥ I super love the colors and the curls ♥♥♥ ma-try nga! haha. but I really want light brown with highlights din sa baba.. I don't know lang what color. Tagal ko na gusto magpakulay.. hindi ko lang alam what bagay sa akin. :3

  15. Yey! Finally pamper day for you Ms. Rochelle :) Good to know you still get to have a "Me Time". I love the hair color. You look like a doll there, especially with the Ombre style. This ones good for the Holiday look. And a new look as 2014 enters. Happy Holidays and God bless! :)

    Keep Blogging :)

  16. Hai naku... I therefore conclude na talaga lang isang malaking insecure yung nagparinig sa iyo. Type ko kaya ito. As in now, I am actually planning a new hairstyle before the year ends in time for 2014. Actually it has been a tradition for me to have a new hairstyle every year and everytime I came from a long vacation or whenever I feel bored about something.
    I was thinking of the same line, pero since morena ako, the base color is a darker shade of brown para hindi nalalayo sa black na normal color ng buhok ko..para di alanganin pag humaba, then, 2 shades of blond naman for the highlights sa ends ng buhok (similar to yours) para kahit nasa office ako, carry!
    Good luck sa office pagkakita sa akin..hahaha
    Anyways, I still have the rest of the week kung ano magiging hairstyle ko...need to consult din muna with hubby :D

  17. I love your hair Ms. Rochelle, I want it to try on my hair.. Para maiba naman.. Kasawa na yung buhok kong boring kasi sa school bawal magpaganyan.. Pero malapit na rin me grumaduate hehehe matutupad na din pangarap kong nagpakulay.. Yehey. Magpapa obre ako na medyo same din sa inyo.. How much po magpaganyan sa kanila.? If u dont mind hehe.. Tingin ko kc maganda yung service nila eh..

  18. Nice! It's a great way to end your 2013! You look better without bangs though. hey! Pink hair also suits you. I know this certain Japanese blogger who has this pink hair and it looks great on her! You have fair skin so it will really suit you, nga lang super pagtitinginan ka talaga here in the Phil. haha. A bit of Red will also suit you in case you're planning to recolor your hair next year =) I also tried to achieve a certain shade of blonde pero wala akong makitang binebentang hair dye from stores...

  19. Ang tagal ko na din nagpplano na magpakulay ng buhok. Last month pa ata. Kaso di ako makahanap ng time. haha! Sana this summer ma-accomplish ko na. This year nauso talaga ang ombre hair. I have a schoolmate who has a very nice ombre. It looks good on her. I mean, I have lots of schoolmate. Im enrolled in an art course, so I expect that so much. haha! For 2014 maybe I'll just retain this black hair color for me. I wasn't able to treat myself for this coming year yet. Hopefully one of these days. Happy New Year!

  20. Actually kung pwede nga lang ako magpakulay ng buhok nagawa ko na kaya lang bawal sa isang nurse ang magpakulay lalo na kung gusto mo magtrabaho sa hospital. Pero ang ganda ng hair mo ms. Rochelle, SWEAR!


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