Foot Massage Lounge: A Place to Treat Your Mind, Body and Sole ♥

Last Wednesday, I woke up with a headache and probably due to my colds that has been bothering me for a week now. 

Have you ever suffered from headache pain, you know how debilitating it can be. You simply can't look, feel or perform your best if you have a headache. 

I been staying up late and had to wake kind of early plus juggling a lot of work lead me to have a massive headache for a few hours. 

Luckily I was invited to Foot Massage LOUNGE which is located in the Bonifacio Global City that offers services that give your feet their much needed treat.

I absolutely love foot massage! It's my favorite kind of massage and I would always ask my son to massage my foot but then he would get tired of it and I feel badly that he will complain so it feels so good that we relax our mind,body and sole in a place that we can get foot and body massage.

Moms,Dads and Everyone will definitely love this place! 

The location is also crucial, near the NBC Tent, as easily recognizable landmark in Bonifacio Global City and surrounded by restaurants in the new building. 

 The experience starts with the relaxing modern ambiance that offers a quiet escape from city stress.
I am inspired to decorate my future house with this living room. Nice noh? 

Ms. Cat Ilacad, who is the lady behind the hugely successful mani-pedi concept Posh Nails with its pretty pink-and-purple interiors opted for a black and gold palette for Foot Massage Lounge. 

This is to give the feel of elegance and opulence in preparation for the luxurious pampering from their highly trained massage therapists.
Hardworking entrepreneur Cat Ilacad, herself is a fan of foot massage benefits, explains she is offering a different experience for clients looking for quality-me-time. "The usual set up in other massage lounges are crowded chairs in common rooms where one has to contend with t"he noise and chatter. My concept is that of a boutique hotel lounge, where one can relax and luxuriate in a quiet setting.

The black-and-white decor is a conscious effort to steer away from the usual look and feel of Zen massage lounges. 
I love the wallpaper ♥ OOTD pose ♥ 
Bag from BUTTER
Dress from Justforfabonlineshoppe

 It has a plush customized massage couches in rooms that are quiet, private and comfortable. 

The temperature controlled dim lighted massage rooms that their own TV sets can accommodate couples or even a sparty of up to 14 guests.
I love that they provided these flip flops  The end of a hard day of work and play equals sore soles that definitely need quality pampering.
My foot was soaked in a relaxing hot water. Yes, soaking our feet in hot/warm is not refreshing to our feet, but likewise improves our health and promotes longevity.

It is more than just treating your footsies with the Deluxe Foot Massage that costs for only P600 which focuses on foot reflexology, the therapist also work their magic on back and neck pains and soothe away my headache goodbye! 

They massage your head, your back, your legs but give more focus on the legs and the feet.

The therapists can also work their magic on back and neck with The FML Signature Massage that costs only P750, for 75 minutes of blissful shiatsu and reflexology treatment that works out the knots and aches brought about by overwork and stress. 

Ms. Cat describes it as "the best 75 minutes of dry massage in a very unique and relaxing ambiance. Here, everything is personalized. Before your sessions the receptionist asks what kind of pressure you prefer for your dry massage, and if you would like a male or female therapist for the service."

She talks about the benefits of their massage services: “From traditional medicine practices, Foot Reflexology is believed to not only soothe sore feet, it can alleviate most other body aches and pains. We also combine foot reflexology with a soothing massage for the head, neck, shoulders and back, that will help reduce muscle tension, improve blood circulation, and relieve acute and chronic pain. Our massage is also recommended to induce better lymph movement, Improve and increase the mobility and range of motions of joints.” 

Other wholistic health benefits of the massage, according to research, are stimulating or soothing the nervous system, enhancing skin condition, aiding in digestion and intestinal functions, and boosting the immune system.

As she was conceptualizing FML, she decided to focus on dry massage instead of the customary spa treatments. “Some people just want to relax, and have the feeling of being within the comfort of their second home without getting greasy with oil all over the body. With Foot Massage Lounge, you can wear our disposable shorts and have your massage, then still go out after for a date or a meeting. There is no greasy or sticky feeling in your skin that forces you to go home and shower.”  

So now, I am able to let myself enjoy and relax while my feet are happy too! LIFE IS GOOD  
Group photo with blogger friends and The founder of Foot Massage Lounge and Posh Nails, Ms. Cat Ilacad and Marcie Linao of Love and Light Productions! 
Super thanks for the invitation  

Also thank you so much! 
I love the yummy Dainty Vanilla Cupcakes with Strawberry Buttercream from GYPSY GIRL 
You can order at
Call 0917-893-0208 or email

Your feet work hard to take you to the top. It is about time to treat them to a relaxing journey that is designed to rejuvenate the mind, body and sole. 

Also don't forget Christmas is coming!
Have you started shopping for those people on you list?
Unsure of what to give that difficult person on you list?Why not buy them a gift certificate for a foot massage? Everyone loves a massage and a little pampering! They will love it!

For a relaxing day or to give to others come on visit: 

Foot Massage Lounge is located at 2/F Forum South Global Bldg. Bonifacio Global City, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. 

For more information, visit 
or call MOBILE NUMBER: 0926-7334929 
LANDLINE: (02)218-6744. 
INSTAGRAM @footmassagelounge 
TWITTER @fmassagelounge
FACEBOOK: Foot Massage Lounge

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. Girl, buti nalang sa gitna ka pumuwesto sa shoot. Standout ang kidding aside, ok lang naman talaga hair mo e..was actually trying to look for other angles, but I don't see anything wrong..hmmm..
    Anyways, going back to the post.. sarap talaga ng foot spa. Madalas, pag sinisipag si hubby, sinasamahan nya ako for a foot spa and massage while he waits patiently :D
    Favorite ko ipa-massage ang head, upper back and feet... nakakarelax talaga...

    1. Honestly sobra natuwa din ako sa hair ko ngayon, I am so loving the attention haha! Ang sarap nung nag stand out lage sa pictures and malayo ka pa lang kita ka na and that everyone will look at you. :-) Nakatuwa lang.

      Oh Yes! Sarap ng foot massage and sarap talaga na alam niya masakit ulo ko and parang may healing touch siya ginawa na nawala as in dahil on my way home as in I was driving for 2 and half hours because of the traffic pero I still feel relax and chill lang :-)

  2. I wanna know how it feels like to be there. I wanna know my overall impression because of its style and the ambiance that they have. The Black and white motif is just so COOL for me. It seems like it's more than a foot spa or massage lounge. It looks like a luxury hotel. HAHAH I was just really amaze Ms. Rochelle. Congrats for being there :)
    Tama po ang sinasabi ng blog niyo. We are pampering ourselves by giving treats to our hair, body, as well as our face but we never realize that are foot/feet ang mas nangangailangan ng relaxation kasi po para sakin kapag kumportable ang paa ko hanggang ulo kumportable ako. So I think I gotta try this Foot massage sometime :)

    Thanks for this Blog Ms. Rochelle ! :)

    1. Yes you should definitely try and visit this place! Talaga they are the best in giving the relaxation we need :-)

      Foot and every parts of our body is connected din so if may masakit, the foot reflexology can heal it. :-) Dami din benefits in getting foot massage ♥

    2. Yes Yes Yes ! It would be fun to relax there ! May iba pa po silang offers na relaxation aside form foot massage ? If there really is. WOW that would be nice ! This is perfect for family or gild bonding :)

  3. How are you now Ms. Rochelle? Get well soon and get more rest. :) This is perfect pampering for you.. you really need this because you really had busy and stressful days that you also got sick. so good na they invited you. And yeah, this is such a nice Christmas gift, even ako gusto din. *haha* pwede rin for bonding time. ♥ The place look so elegant and relaxing. I love the wallpaper too! ♥ We also like soaking our feet in a warm water.. especially when we are sick.. we really feel better. You're right, our feet really needs some pampering because without them we can't be in the place where we are right now. ^_^ ♥

    1. I am much better now :-)

      Thank you. Yes perfect pampering for everyone! Perfect din talaga gift. Yes the wallpaper and the interior designing talaga was so perfect.

    2. Yeap. I hope na may magbigay din sa akin gift na tulad nito. perfect talaga :) How I wish our house is also just like that ♥♥♥ looked very elegant and very relaxing. Hindi ako masyado lalabas ng bahay pag ganito XD

  4. Would have been nice if they also offer pedi/mani service para all-in-one puntahan nalang, no need to go to Posh Nails or other nail salon :) but anyhow, i like that despite the pretty interiors and great service, it remains affordable :)

    1. I think the reason why they had Foot Massage Lounge is because a lot of the customers want longer massage and so they created a place like these which is more private and focusing the needs of the customers and with perfect ambiance for foot massages :-)

  5. hay nakakaingget buti ka pa Ms.Rochelle nakapag relax, how i wish i have the chance to pamper myself, yung isang buong araw na puro pagrerelax at pagpapabeauty lang, just to give myself a break. Super toxicated kasi sa work, house and a lot of things. Kaso my december schedule is so tight. nakakastress din minsan, although makita ko palang kids ko happy na ako. pero somehow i need that kind of relaxation. I like the ambiance of the whole place very elegant, not intimidating and they offer good service, I guess the price is reasonable naman. kelan ko kaya maexperince ulet luxurious pampering like this, hihi thanks a lot Ms.Rochelle for sharing your experience. Oh btw i love your bag!

    1. Hi Leilani yes ako din super nakawala ng pagod pag nakita ko mga kids ko and may masarap na mahigpit na hugs. Pero madalas din ang sarap pag nirub nila yung foot ko na talaga gusto ko lage na and matagal na medyo naiinis na sila hehehe.. Kaya buti na lang there is a place na talaga ang tagal nila massage ng masarap yung foot :-)

      Thank you! Yes super love din my bag kase dami ko nalalagay and hindi siya mabigat dalhin kahit ang dami laman. Saka gusto ko kase yung talaga stand out ang color :-)

    2. Hahaha, yung son ko naman pag inutusan ko magmasage ng paa ko dapat may bayad,, So para lang mamasahe paa ko need ko gumawa ng grahams crema de pruta after. :)

      agaw atensyon nga yung bag Ms.Rochelle, ganda ng color. Siguro maganda rin yung neon pink :)

  6. Their spa looks nice! I love their interior.. looks very elegant and relaxing!!! :D

    1. Yes the interior designing was really elegant and you can actually really feel relax with it. :-)

  7. So sad i couldn't come here, ang ganda pala ng place :P

    1. Tellie, You should try to come here pa din. It is like heaven sent. Super love this pampering day. The therapist was so good! As in sobra ako nagrelax :-) Kahit na 2 and half hours inabot ako sa traffic pauwi, as in relax and stress free pa din ako.

  8. speaking of foot massage, my feet badly needs one because I have so many "kalyos" na. hope I can have my foot spa/massage by January 2014. hehe. every woman especially mothers needed to be pampered from time to time right? :D

    1. Yes mostly Mothers need pampering :-) Para lage maganda at stress free talaga.

  9. I super love the place din as in lalo na yung receiving area super posh na elegant. I love the idea na no greasy feeling kasi you can go ahead and shop pa sa malls after relaxing. Sayang I wasn't able to see you that day. See you soon! Happy holidays! :)

  10. I soo love the combination of their black and white hallway.. the wallpaper and the lounge?
    I am also looking forward to pamper myself to that kind of place.. Soo relaxing. ^^

  11. Wow. Sobrang saya ng holiday mo Ms. Rochelle, from everything na nababasa ko sa blog mo lately. Ang ganda nga ng place, very royalty ang dating. Anyone na pumunta dyan would really love the place. Ang ganda at very serene tingnan. Was that for free sa'yo? Nasa labas ka pa lang ng lounge nila, very relaxing na ang atmosphere nila. What more pag pumasok ka? Ganda nga.

    I like your OOTD too. very vibrant and simple ang dating. It matches your hair. Mas lalong nakikita yung ganda ng effect ng hair color dahil sa outfit mo.

    Happy Holidays! :)

  12. Very nice naman ng mga furnitures nila, yon agad ang napansin ko. Captivating ang look ng Foot Massage Lounge nila, sarap talaga pumunta dyan at magpa pamper. Wow naman, kasama mo pala ibang mga bloggers, and I can truly see their happy faces na enjoy sila sa place.

  13. Their place looks classy and sooo professional looking. Sila 'yong tipong pag gusto niyo magrelax after business meeting e doon kayo pumunta. Executive na executive ang atmosphere pa rin. Their color doesn't look relaxing though kasi parang nasa business area ka pa rin. pero okay naman xa para in that way, mafeel mo na VIP ka talaga. hehe. I love your neon bag by the way! Those cupcakes look classy and businesslike too! how much kaya isa?

  14. the place looks very elegant and fit for a queen. too bad BGC is far from our house. i hope they could put a branch in quezon city.

  15. Its always nice to have a "Me" Time every now and then. Basing on the price, hindi siya mabigat sa bulsa and kayang kaya ng mga gusto magpamper. Very affordable na, relaxing pa ang place at ang facilities nila. Sulit na sulit sa mga customers na papasok sa spa nila. Last Sunday, I was in BGC together with my friends and nadaanan namin to. Naalala ko tong post na to, kaya I decided to comment again para sabihin na ang ganda talaga ng ambiance nila kahit nasa labas ka pa lang. Although hindi ako pumasok sa loob, mapapansin mo kagad siya dahil sa ambiance niya.

  16. I also love massage therapies! I want to go there kaya lang tuwing pumupunta akong bgc nawawala ako haha! I love the interiors, black and gold. Gives luxury to the place! :)

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    Dubai Hotel Massage

  18. I must say that overall I am very taken with this site. It is apparent that you know you subject matter and you are passionate about it. I wish I had got your ability to write. I have bookmarked your site and look forward to more updates.

  19. There is no need to be skeptical about this therapy since it is harmless at all. This healthy foot massager
    is really dedicated for those who are in need. It is very immoral if the product is created just to make people suffer.


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