Anne Curtis reveals her smart and sophisticated side with Plains & Prints ♥

Anne Curtis reveals her smart and sophisticated side with Plains & Prints

Once a fresh-faced teen sensation, she has transformed into an impeccably smart and sophisticated young woman of style and substance. It seems only natural, then, that celebrated media darling Anne Curtis be handpicked by local women’s work wear brand Plains & Prints as its newest muse, style partner, and endorser.

The Filipina-Australian actress, model, TV host, recording artist, VJ, and fashion icon was, in fact, recently unveiled as the newest face of the brand at an exclusive launch and fashion preview at Plains & Prints’ Glorietta 1 and Activity Center Palm Drive.

Wearing a stunning ensemble from Plains & Prints’ new Pre-Fall Collection, as a fitting finale to the fashion preview, Anne has clearly found her perfect style match in the brand. 

“I find in the brand a lot of options that I’d wear every day to different functions, whether for a daytime show or late-night affair. I prefer feminine cuts and silhouettes, and Plains & Prints works for me because their clothes really complement my personal style,” Anne shares. 

Known as one of the country’s biggest fashion influencers, Anne recognizes how her style sense has evolved throughout her 15-plus years in the industry; and also, along with it, the demographics of her followers—who are also now comprised of others outside her own generation.

“I will always be the fun-loving, girly girl that I am. But I’d like my audience to know that I’ve grown up and become more mature, too. That’s why this year, I’ve decided to dress more responsibly,” reveals Anne.

Not only is this smarter approach to fashion reflective of Anne’s remarkable growth as an industry professional and individual; it also encourages the legions of fans and admirers who look to her as their inspiration to embrace the key elements of Plains & Prints’ style philosophy: confidence and success. And, without a doubt, this young star embodies both very well.
Also an experimental dresser, Anne never fails to showcase her unique flair for fashion, on and off-duty. However, with growth and experience, she has finally figured out what she looks and feels best in—and wisely sticks to these.

“I love experimenting with fashion and I’m one who enjoys wearing the latest trends,” she says. “But as I’ve already become more confident and comfortable with what my personal style is, I’ve decided to stick to pieces that best represent me, and I find these in Plains & Prints.”

Plains & Prints owner and founder Roxanne Ang Farillas notes, “Anne’s personality and lifestyle reflect what the brand stands for—she’s young, fresh, and fashionable. And she’s the type of woman who can go for different styles and trends, but still retain her smart and sophisticated image.”

But despite her extensive exposure to the fashion and entertainment scene, Anne remains keen to keep growing in all aspects. “I’m still learning and will continue to realize and achieve new things in the industry that I’ve chosen, and the work that I love. I’m grateful for all the blessings, particularly this latest collaboration. I have found my perfect fashion partner in Plains & Prints.”

And with this, one easily arrives at a conclusion already echoed by many: Anne Curtis and Plains & Prints are definitely a Perfect Partnership.

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  1. I think I haven't bought anything from Plains and Prints.
    But looking at Anne wearing those, makes me want to shop at Plains and Prints. Probably, because I rarely visit their store.

    Loving it!♥

  2. Gosh! I only have 1 dress from Plains and Prints, a little bit pricey naman kase , pero the price is right naman kase no question for the quality and design.I need to earn more for these.Ganda naman ng mga bagong designs nila.

  3. yes pricey nga mga items sa plains and prints pero with quality. i think may ilan naman akong nabili dito pero on sale ko nakuha hahahahaha..

  4. now i know super ganda pala tlga ang design ng Plain&Prints, thanks to your blog

  5. super cute ng mga design ng Plain & Prints tlga, Thanks to your blog....

  6. Anne Curtis, YAY!!!! :)))) I super love her. The clothes look so fab on her! Great designs! :)


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