Chefs Noodle Korean Restaurant in San Juan Greenhills ♥

If you don't know what Chef's Noodle is, here is a short concept of Chef's Noodle;

Chef’s Noodle is a fast-casual dining restaurant concept whose core products are noodles, sushi, and rice meals.
Its signature dish, Chef’s Noodle, has been a popular favorite in Korea… and now the Philippines. Chef’s Noodle is also the home of the famous Starking Fire Sushi — the first of its kind… only at Chef’s Noodle. All of its menu offerings are master creations of its celebrity Chef, Choi In Sun, that are exclusive to all Chef’s Noodle.
Chef’s Noodle is not just another ordinary Korean restaurant; Chef’s Noodle is a brand that offers great experience to a variety of unique and appealing food choices that are truly value for money. At Chef’s Noodle, dining is always a delightful experience — from the friendly and courteous staff to the healthy and appetizing food selection, our customers will surely keep coming back.
Experience healthy Korean cuisine at its best…only at Chef’s Noodle.
Chef's Noodle Endorsers Semerad Twins welcome you to Chef's Noodle with good to... share!! 
 Chef's Noodle Menu Board ♥ 
Great, amazingly priced and worth your money with delicious, healthy and good to share food prices ranging from: Php 50-150 for snacks/sandwiches
Php 95-160 for Sushi
Php 99-195 for Noodles
Php 130 for Rice Meals Single Order
Php 160 for Combo Meals with Bottomless Iced Tea
Php 99 for Mains & Pancakes
Php 99 for Budget Meals with Single Served Iced Tea
Php 20-150 for Side Dishes & Add Ons. 
Chef's Noodle Menu is surely fit any budget. 
Chef's Noodle Endorsers Down to Mars ♥ 
Chef's Noodle counter ready to take your order. ♥ 
Chef's Noodle takes you to Korea with vast options for any type of eater. ♥ 
Flat screen TV to keep you entertained while dining at Chef's Noodle or waiting for your express take out. 
CHEF'S NOODLE for only Php 150  
(Korean Fresh Noodles with Beef Broth topped with vegetables, bulgogi and tamago.)
BIBIMBAP for only Php 99 with ICED TEA  
(Rice topped with vegetables, meat and egg)

I highly recommend Chef's Noodle. The foods are so delicious, healthy and it has a great value for the money with good servings that you could share up to three persons. 
FYI: Comes with unlimited soup refill so perfect to sip on the rainy season. 
Looking forward to coming back again when we have another craving for Korean cuisine. 

If you are craving to try healthy, delicious, good to share and affordable taste of Korea at Chef's Noodle, They have branches at:

Robinson's Magnolia Lower Ground Floor Aurora Boulevard Quezon City 0925-870-7175


Taft (University Mall) 405-0129 or 708-9520

SAN JUAN Greenhills (Ground Floor, Atlanta Center) Annapolis St. 576-5054 or 234-0840

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Have you tried Chef's Noodle? 
What do you think?
What are your favorites?

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. I'm inlove with their Clubhouse sandwich, looks sooooo yummy♥
    OMG for the BIBIMBAP, I heard so much about it but I never tried it before .. Its nice to know that they got affordable prices.

    I like to try Chefs Noodle soon♥
    Another starving post Ms Chelle, hehe

    Loving it !♥

  2. I want to try their BIBIMBAP nice offer only P99 + iced tea great deal ha.. favorite ko kasi BIBIMBAP & BULGOGI beef.. di ko pa na try CHEFs Noddle.. I would love to try their noodles ang Clubhouse sandwich version nila ha ang laki ng fillings busog ka agad dito..:)

  3. Ohmygee! That Korean Fresh Noodles with Beef Broth topped with vegetables, bulgogi and tamago caught my eye! Yum yum. I think its really sulit na talaga in P150. :)

  4. would love to try it here however it is bad that i dont eat that much carbs so no noodles for me :(

  5. i tried this already! luckily they have a branch in my office building! and i love their bibimbap! sulit nga! :)

  6. Now I'm craving ^ ^ Hope they have branches near my aunt's place :( Maybe I'll look for it when we go to Greenhills coz I wanna try it too. Very affordable and for sure it's yummy :)

  7. Nag-crave tuloy ako bigla sa bimbimpap :) Grabe, ang affordable ng prices nila tapos napaka-generous ng serving nila ha. Ma-try nga dito minsan. Thank you for sharing :)

  8. very affordable, my sister inlaw loves korean foods, im not sure if she's able to try Chef's noodles but im gonna share this to her..she will surely love the great news...


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