Introducing the new reformulated teen feminine wash from Pure ‘N Fresh, your daily partner in feeling  fresh and confident! It is now made milder with the addition of milk proteins to better suit teens’

sensitive feminine area.

 For 7 years Pure ‘N Fresh has been successfully growing in the market with its pilot product, teen feminine wash. 

Now, with the reformulated and milder teen feminine wash it aims to further encourage good feminine hygiene among teens with its quirky packaging and refreshingly new scents!

Use Pure ‘N Fresh everyday and especially during your monthly period to keep you feeling fresh, clean and confident all day! The new Pure ‘N Fresh feminine wash now has milk proteins to nourish and boost skin moisture. It is also enriched with Chamomile extract to soothe young sensitive skin. 

It removes odor-causing bacteria and is pH balanced to help maintain the natural pH of the external genitalia.

It is also clinically-tested on teens skin and is OB-gynecologists tested mild and safe for everyday use. It comes in 3 fresh fruity scents designed by world-wide fragrance authority, Takasago.

Check out the three refreshing and new exciting yummy scents feminine wash variants for you to try. 
Mandarin Kisses 
Berry Twist  
Fabulously Fruity 

Early this year, Pure ‘n Fresh also launched Fabulousity! It’s an online hangout unlike any other! Here teens can learn and get tips on how to feel fresh, fine and fabulous! 

Visit and like Pure ‘n Fresh Facebook page  (facebook.com/purenfreshforteens) to get the latest on this! 

Watch out also for the newest online video of Pure ‘n Fresh brand ambassador, Julia Barretto airing this 1st week of August.

Take a peek inside Julia's Kikay Kit! ♥ 

You should use Pure 'n Fresh everyday because unlike soap that can be drying and harsh, Pure ‘n Fresh is a mild and gentle feminine wash that is clinically formulated with the right pH level. It is enriched with milk proteins and Chamomile extract, which makes it mild and suitable for teens’ skin and ideal for everyday use. 

Pure ‘n Fresh has been clinically tested by OB-gynecologists so you’re sure it’s safe to use daily. What’s more, it’s a trusted quality product from United Laboratories Inc (UNILAB).

Pure ‘n Fresh is available in bottles – 50mL and 100mL

Suggested Retail Price 
50mL P39.65
100mL P70.00

Try out the new exciting scents Mandarin Kisses, Berry Twist and Fabulously Fruity now!

Pure ‘n Fresh Feminine Wash is available in selected supermarkets, drugstores and beauty stores nationwide.

Also available Pure ‘n Fresh Cologne.

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. ang cutie naman ng packaging, teeny tlga ang dating..i like the fact na may milk proteins xa, very mild tlga sa feminine area ng mga teens..

    1. Hi Kristine, Yes kahit ako gusto ko siya, feeling teen pa din. Sweet ♥ Nakamiss maging teens.

    2. oh yes nakakamiss tlga..lalo na ngaun madami na din mga bagong products na pang teens compared dati..

  2. I havent' tried this one!
    Lol, at first look I thought that they were juices in a bottle.
    I bet its worth a try since its affordable!

    Loving it!♥

    1. Honestly me too. I thought it was juices, it looks so delicious!

    2. I bet it smells great since its look sooo delicious hehe.
      I haven't seen it in stores o.O baka nasa juice section, hehe :D kidding!

  3. Hmmm 3 years to go, my daughter will be using feminine wash na rin, yay! And I might let her try that.

    1. Yes perfect! Wow ang bilis ng panahon noh! Ako naman kahit hindi na teen gusto ko pa din siya. :-)

  4. Too many choices, luv it! I like the "Berry Twist" and it is very affordable. Thanks for sharing.

  5. At first I thought they were colognes! Hihi. So this was the one Julia is endorsing. Great review! :)

  6. This one Id like to try, mawalan na po ako ng deodorant wag lang fem fem wash! :P No Kiddin'


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