My First Oilily Bag ♥ Definitely not going to be my Last!

I love bright colors and patterns that is why I really fell in love with Oilily Bags not only it looks really beautiful, it also has great quality that can lasts you for a long time. 

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We women aside from clothes and shoes, we also love bags, the word BAG is something to be desired! We often hear compliment by saying "I love your bag" The cute and stylish Oilily Bag will surely get a lot of admiration. I am so glad and grateful that I finally own my first Oilily Bag and definitely it will not be my last, I have a lot on my lists that I am saving money for and my birthday is coming on September so definitely making a wishlist including Oilily Bags. 

My FIRST Oilily HAUL  

 What's Inside? 
 Oilily Summer Mosaic 
STYLE#: OCB3106-201
Lovely shoulder bag. M Shoulder Bag by Oilily in the ornate Art Deco Print of Summer Mosaic Collection. 
Art Deco brings art on bags. 

Material: fabric with a matte satin finish of durable polyester. 
Features: Adjustable Strap, Detachable Strap, Inner Pockets, Mobile Phone Pocket, Outer Pockets.
 On the front of a mounted pocket compartment
 with flap with magnetic closure
 Zippered Main Compartment 
the other side of the zipper
 Side Zipped Inside Compartment 
 Mobile phone pocket and opposite pocket
Cute Oilily Stickers and a yummy sweet scented Sample of Oilily Lucky girl. Oh Yes! I am feeling like a lucky girl. 

What do you think of Oilily Bags?

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Visit Oilily at the ground floor of the Alabang Town Center and a kiosk at Greenbelt 3 and pick your favorite Oilily bag and you'll not only stand out from a crowd, but you'll be admired and adored!

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Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. love to have one or more din kasi I like the designs & the colors very KIKAY like us... :)

    1. Hi Mayla, yes super love ko talaga Oilily bags and hoping to have more. :-)

  2. very cute, stylish and feminine..

  3. Wow, sooo girlystuff . Those bags are really great gifts!
    I think it does choose ages, it can be for teens or grandmas.
    Love yours!♥

  4. wow i love the sweet and colorful patterns. very girly! :)

    1. Thank you! Yes Oilily bags are so sweet and has that colorful patterns that makes every girl love it!

  5. Wow! super like ko combi color and super cute for me :-)

  6. That is so sweet! they even have a sweet scented sample..indeed you are a lucky ghirl, Ms. Rochelle.

  7. Gee! I love the design. Surely, its worth spending. :)

  8. I've received a lot of compliments on my new awesome collection of bags. All of them are made well, with beautiful designs and look very professional.


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