Dutch Fashion House Oilily opens its first two stores in the Philippines ♥

Dutch fashion house Oilily opens its first two stores in the Philippines

Oilily, a Dutch fashion-house that has been a hallmark of creativity in the cupboard of children and women since 1963 that has just celebrated its 50 years in the market, has just opened its first stores in the Philippines at the Alabang Town Center and Greenbelt 3 kiosk.

The brand has been known worldwide for its virtuoso use of color, spectacular combinations of materials, unique blend of cultural influences, humorous details and high quality; that has resulted in a multitude of fans around the world. The brand is all about creativity that leads to fresh ideas, original products and unexpected initiatives, hence its motto: “Make new things happen.”

Worldwide, the brand carries a multitude of products from children’s and ladies’ clothing, hand bags and accessories as well as cosmetics. 

Here in the Philippines, Oilily carries accessories, cosmetics and perfumes, ladies’ hand bags and accessories.






The cornerstone of the Philippine stores are the Oilily fashion bags. These bags are accessories-centered, a trend setter that dictates its own niche market. It is a unique concept that captures the trademark style of colorful prints on polyester fabric with creative and innovative designs. The bags needless to say are classic, chic and functional.

For the Fall Winter 2013 collection, Oilily takes us on an odyssey through style and flair. This eventful journey will see us encountering beautiful forms that fuse fashion, femininity and function. Each group combines Oilily’s distinctive designs and prints with an eye-catching color palette, sturdy fabrics, and fine detailing.

The Oilily Story

The brand was founded by Willem en Marieke Olsthoorn in 1963. In those days children were dressed as grown-ups - wearing primarily grey, white and black. Not exactly the colors with which to attract children.

Oilily was determined to change all that. It placed the child’s world and its experiences at the centre of its creative process. It was not the wishes of the parents that were important, but those of the children themselves. This groundbreaking philosophy resulted in a spectacular vibrant and playful style of children’s wear which generated a multitude of fans worldwide which included John Travolta, Madonna, Michael Jackson and Bill Cosby. They regularly dressed their children in Oilily.

The success of the children’s wear collection triggered the call for a women’s wear collection. It was launched in the eighties. The imaginative designs, the high quality materials, and the unusual colour combinations found a hungry public among women in Asia, the Far East, the United States, and later in Europe. Famous ambassadors of Oilily’s women’s clothing are actresses such as Julia Roberts and Melanie Griffith.

However, one thing was still missing: a stage, a place where the brand could be experienced. The time was ripe for the Oilily Exclusive Store. A shop like Oilily itself: exclusive, surprising and untamed. It turned out to be an irresistible concept. In 15 years time, 300 Oilily Exclusive Stores were opened in every continent. The Oilily Exclusive Stores were located in the most exclusive shopping streets and in the world’s best visited shopping malls. Each of them was ideal locations to further develop the exclusive character of the brand.

The number of fans ultimately grew. They besieged Oilily with letters asking for new products such as perfume, hair accessories, shoes, glasses, bags and bed linens. Oilily created a fan club for the letter writers and designed many of the accessories that they asked for. The first perfume for children was even created, helped by a panel of 50 children from different countries. Demand for Oilily– later reborn as Oilily Flowers – has remained high for more than 20 years.

See more of Oilily products at the Ground Floor of the Alabang Town Center and at Greenbelt 3

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  • Our Visit to Oilily in Alabang Town Center ♥ 

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  1. Amazing! Hope Oilily to open a branch here in Bicol! hahaha. :)

  2. wow, " multitude of fans worldwide which included John Travolta, Madonna, Michael Jackson and Bill Cosby. They regularly dressed their children in Oilily." i so love these..galing naman...


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