Last July 30, 2013 I attended the GrabTaxi Press Launch and here are just more information from the Press Kit we received on the event. 

The idea of GrabTaxi stemmed from the taxi industry around the world and the pains it has brought to the society for both passengers and drivers. Anthony Tan, having studies in Harvard for his MBA, strongly believed in his school's mission to create leaders who make a difference in other people's lives, globally. He, who interestingly enough is the great grandson of an average taxi driver in Malaysia, envisioned revolutionizing the taxi industry. He was given an opportunity to do so when he joined the Harvard Business School Business Plan Contest in 2011 during his senior year, and placing second in the said contest, was given seed money for the business.

After his graduation, he and co-founder Tan Hooi Ling decided to execute the said business plan in Malaysia, calling it MyTeksi-the original name. It wasn't as easy as they thought it would be-they'd pitch from door to door to taxi fleet owners, but most didn't believe in the system. They finally got a chance to pitch to Datuk Aslah, owner of Comfort Cabs with a fleet of 500 taxis during that time. Datuk Aslah coincidentally recognized Anthony Tan as the grandson of the one person who supported him with his fleet when he first started in the industry. This being said, Anthony Tan and Hooi Ling finally secured their very first fleet with 40 taxis from Comfort. 

Publicly launched in June 2012, MyTeksi has now several thousand taxis making lives easier for passengers of Kuala Lumpur, Malacca and Seremban; but Anthony Tan's vision does not stop here as he plans to revolutionize the taxi industry not just in Malaysia. 2013 is the year of regional expansion with Philippines and to all ASEAN with the branding of MyTeksi to a much stronger brand name- GrabTaxi

GrabTaxi is a subsidiary of MyTeksi, the first in ASEAN to use smartphone to smartphone cloud-based technologies for taxi booking and dispatch and one of the fastest growing social start-up companies.

The society constantly faces the many challenges that the local taxi industry has caused. Passengers face the same difficulties in getting a decent taxi driver especially during rush hours. The Philippine society sees the taxi industry as corrupt because of how fragmented taxis are. Passengers get confused as to which taxi operator to rely on and which phone number to call for taxi bookings, and therefore solidifying the lack of trust that is already prominent. There is, of course the alarming safety issue that everyone hears about in news and tabloids about theft and robbery, and even worse, rape.

GrabTaxi aims to improve taxi markets by introducing simple, cost effective mobile-based technology to both the supply (taxi fleet and drivers) and demand (passenger) that will optimize the matching process between both. The vision is to revamp the taxi industry and to provide public transportation mobility for all by developing a sustainable solution for a very real social pain. By combining top talent and disruptive technologies and innovation, GrabTaxi wishes to create a high potential, self-sustainable social enterprise that will help bring Philippines to the forefront of the technological development wave. 

GrabTaxi has developed an automated smartphone booking platforms in 2 solutions: 

For fleets that have existing call bookings, a smartphone will replace the driver's existing CB radio as his primary dispatch conduit. GrabTaxi will then provide the fleet an operator system where its current taxi call bookings will be inputted then blasted to only the available drivers closet to those specific booking requests. 

For fleets without call bookings, drivers will also use smartphones as their dispatch tool. GrabTaxi will then market smartphone apps across the major platforms (i.e. Iphone & Android) that will enable passengers to directly book taxis around him with no need for an intermediary. 

Both solutions propose a more efficient means of taxi booking and dispatching because of the following main features that GrabTaxi boasts:
  1. Taxi bookings are only blasted out to drivers that are in the passenger's 3km radius, therefore allowing faster pickups.
  2. The taxi booking job is flashed to the driver's phone with important information such as pick up point, drop off point, and even additional tips from the passenger. He has the option to bid for the job with just a touch of a button.
  3. The algorithm for whoever wins the bidding is always the closest interested driver to the passengers, again allowing faster pickups.
  4. Once matched, both driver and passenger are given direct contacts to each other for better communication.
  5. Passengers are able to see assigned driver's location and important details such as name, plate number, photo and phone number post-booking.


GrabTaxi’s apps are available for Android or iOS.

Download now for FREE
Register your cellphone number because for first time users, it will give you an activation code to the number you've provided to ensure the authenticity of your number. This is also important as they will be sending you an SMS to inform you or your booking information.

What is GrabTaxi?
GrabTaxi is a smartphone-based taxi booking and dispatching service. Our vision is to revamp the Philippines’ taxi industry, making it a safer and more efficient means of transport we can all be proud of.

Why should I use GrabTaxi?

GrabTaxi improves the way passengers hail taxi drivers and the way taxi drivers look out for passengers. Our 3 unique selling points are:
1) Speed: GrabTaxi lets you find the taxi nearest you in less than a minute with just two taps! Waiting for your driver is also reduced as the algorithm in choosing the best driver for you is always the closest interested driver.
2) Certainty: Just open the app and know how many taxis are near you. Subsequently, we provide you instant confirmation on the status of your booking!
3) Safety: GrabTaxi provides you transparency in information of your taxi booking - driver's name, plate number, phone number, and estimated fare. Track your driver as you wait for him and "share-your-ride" on Facebook, Twitter, email, or SMS so your loved ones are assured of your route and arrival!
1. Pick and Drop Off
2. Fleet Map

3. Driver Bidding

4. Successful Bidding

5. Driver Tracking

6. Share your Ride

7. Tweet, Put as a Status or Email for your Safety.

8. Call your Driver 
GrabTaxi Partner Fleet 24/7 Taxi with Drivers

Convenience of getting a taxi ride, the service also offers safety. As GrabTaxi partnered with taxi fleets, this means that they are closely working with taxi companies and also addresses security. On the side of commuters, the mobile app provides detailed information, including the car's plate number, driver's name and photo and contact number. 

Drivers are trained to turn on the meter once the passenger is inside the taxi. All you have to pay is the metered fare (based on LTFRB) and an additional P70 booking fee.

The reason for a booking fee is for drivers to be able to cover their expense in going to where you are. 

Drivers are only available everywhere around Metro Manila!
They are still planning to expand real fast, real soon, so just wait and see!

Don't have a Smartphone?
Call the partner fleet instead!
Dial 642-3525; 641-4532; or text 0939-1533495; 0927-8384833 for Pickups. 

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  1. I wonder how many taxi drivers are using this service already. I asked our neighbor who is a taxi driver but they don't know anything about it this. Hope this will be implemented really well. It's going to be a great convenience. :)

    1. Uu nga kaya spread the word. Medyo bago lang siya and limited taxis pa lang talaga yung area nya at saka Metro Manila pa lang siya available so sana nga magkaroon na sa Cavite, Pampanga and many other places in the Philippines.

  2. I have this app and it really works! I love it! It's so awesome to be knowledgeable that you have some taxi around the corner.. :)

    1. Yes Krisella I feel much safer with GrabTaxi kahit na mas expensive siya ng P70 compared to other taxis and mabait mga drivers.

  3. npka techie na tlga ng mundo.. hihihi..

  4. Saw two cab drivers using this already and this is really very convenient!

  5. Wow, sounds amazing for me!
    Iba na din kasi ngayon ang panahon, I think added P70 is better than getting someone else whom we don't know if safe. Ber months are almost there, this would be really helpful♥

    Loving it!♥

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    Thanks for sharing great post!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Greta blog. I have re ad this blog and also found many useful information's from this blog. Keep sharing. By reading this type of blogs, I will be more benefited.


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