Mango Float Recipe ♥

Mango Float Recipe

If you want a easy and fun for kids activity and if you have a couple of mangoes, graham crackers, all purpose cream and condensed milk then you are ready for making a Mango Float. A Perfect delicious dessert and that even a 6 years old can make. 
(Children must do this with at least an adult helping them.)

What you need?
 Crushed Grahams and Graham Crackers 
 All-Purpose Cream and Condensed Milk
 Combine the All Purpose Cream and condensed milk.
 Slice the mango into thin and small slices.
 Put a layer of graham crackers at the bottom
 Spread a layer of the cream that you combined with All Purpose Cream and Condense Milk.
Put a layer of mango slices.

Repeat the last three steps up to the desired thickness. 
Add final layer of cream
Put crushed graham crackers on top
Put it in the freezer or refrigerator
Make sure it is cold when served

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. oh yum! you might try peaches too! :D

    from Myx' FoodHub & BeautyHub with love <3

  2. awww.. your kids are so adorbs! I love making Mango floats as well but I use Broas instead of graham crackers. you should try it

    1. Wow that sounds interesting, I would definitely try Broas :-) Thanks!

  3. Wow! My favorite. But i crush the graham as base. i don't simply layer it. :)

    1. Thanks for the tip Clarice, Try ko din yun. :0)

    2. Yes, try it! :) Nainggit ako sa picture. will make mango float this weekend.

  4. i love this BIG TIME.. but haven't tried making one.. maybe one of these days..Lol..

    1. Hi Kristine yes super easy lang di ba? wala pa nga lang ako picture ng finished product kse naubos nila kagad, Sarap daw :0)

    2. yes easy nga, easy din kainin kasi masarap tlga!!!

  5. WOW! Yummy! I should try doing this very soon. I am not good in cooking and I only know 3 desserts na kaya kong gawin ng hindi papalpak. LOL! Gelatin, chocolate mousse and refrigerator cake. :)

    1. Eto super easy and masarap. :-) Ako I used to love baking and cooking from the recipe book kaya magastos kase as in sundin ko talaga yung book pero ngayon wala na tiyaga. hehehe pero try ko bumalik to share recipes and natuwa din ako sa mga comment ng iba with the tips that I am also learning.

  6. bonding moments with kids = priceless moments hay =)

  7. This one recipe na hindi nakakasawa gawin and kainin :) my favorite too they are really a perfect combi!

  8. One of our favorite dessert that my son always requested yummy and healthy.When i preparing that recipe my son helping me to layer the graham crackers on and spreading mangoes on top he love doing it.Bonding moment of my kulit son.

  9. This. <3 I always tell my mom not to forget to serve this whenever we have a party or gathering at home. gee! This is sooooo yummy. Definitely one of my fave desserts! :))))

  10. That looks really yummy! I want to see the finished product!

  11. The first cake I ever made! and I think I will forever make LOL.
    Naalala ko pa nung highschool, my classmate brought her mango float and it was the first time I tried it. haha muntik ko lang naman maubos lahat haha.


  12. Awts.I missed to eat Graham cake. Nom nom


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