Our Visit to Oilily in Alabang Town Center ♥

When I got invited among other top fashion bloggers: Angela (Lush Angel) and Angel (Wonder Woman Rises) to join in visiting Oilily Bag Store in Alabang Town Center, I was so excited because I love bags and bright, colorful and creative bag prints. I fell in love when I saw Oilily bags and accessories ♥ 

About Oilily? 

  A dutch couple, fed up with dressing their twins in boring clothes, created a fun clothing line with strong, warm fabrics in cheerful colors with humorous details. So many other parents approved of their idea that the company in now worldwide.

During the 80's Oilily have designed and manufactured their own well know range of funky and stylish bags and accessories. 

The staggering thing about Oilily bags, is not only the range and quantity of their collections, but the many and varied designs, and the fact that a new Collection comes out every six months or season and they never repeat the designs and each piece is fabulously designed and created, a true piece of art.

When it comes to strength and durability since it is polyester and all these factors make it an excellent choice as a fabric for bags. It is also water repellent. Rest assured your belongings will stay safe and sound in sturdy polyester! 

For well made bags and accessories that will make you smile check out Oilily

Now the price can be a bit pricey but very worth it since its well made. Each piece is made with great quality and attention to detail. 

Available in 80 countries including the Philippines. ♥ 

A virtual tour of Oilily at the ground floor of the Alabang Town Center ♥ 
Oilily offers a huge range of bags: handbags, shoulder bags, shopper bags, office bags, weekenders, laptop bags, baby bags and backpacks. 
In demand collection has a high range of styles that include everything.

Bags that are made for all ages. 
For young girls, boys, teenagers, young women, Yes, ladies Oilily even has exquisite range of fabulous up- town handbags for you! Mothers will enjoy diaper bags with baby changing pads to pencil cases and grandmothers will like the wonderful colors, beautifully made, and endless appeal that will leave you wanting more. 

Attracting much of its attention from women and children. Oilily bags has funky and eclectic designs. 

Each of the Oilily Kid’s Bags will put a smile on your little one’s face. Oilily understands that kids require comfort and function too! The Oilily Kid’s Bags help keep your tot organized and fashionable.
 Other than impeccable range and quantity of their collections, Oilily bags offer adorable themes and patterned designs for various seasons.

Now, you can liven up any outfit for every season with one of these cute and conventional bags!
 One of my favorite and definitely on my list to buy,  so I need to come back soon to get it while is still available, don't hesitate when you see something you like from Oilily because it may not be available again. 
 Oilily comes out with new styles and in limited quantities which make them more unique and desirable.

The collection is called "Tropical Tope" with Polyester Canvas, I love the color combination of coral and with gold colored metal elements and metal zippers to match painted gold frame of the Taj Mahal, one the seven wonders of the world.
Oilily Palm Stripe Collection
It reflect the beautiful atmosphere of the warm season with motley colors. The design of Oilily bag is wrapped in a colorful strip of sea, creating a great contrast is set to root. 
 Oilily Woolen Check Collection
Warm colors, soft wool material, durable leather- these elements make the check Woolen Handbag to a very special case. But even within the Oilily bag is very well equipped for fine food with autumnal tree branches.
Oilily Vintage Flower
This is absolutely gorgeous!
They are ideal for women on the go and are the perfect companion for a quick getaway.
Oilily Celebration 
This cute pattern with funky framed images of memory and cute felt Oilily logo with embroidery is never boring.
Oilily Maxi Flowers 
No matter what the season; the maxi sprayed Flowers is always fresh and good.
Oilily Sporty Flowers 
Pretty Oilily bag with a casual silhoutte. Flowers are Oilillys focus and decorate the Sporty Flowers in Art Deco style. 
Oilily Kaleidoscope
Inspired by an American rock band Oilily has designed the designs of the Kaleidoscope collection. 
Floral print, the light touches is like framed by plain-colored elements. The upbeat Oilily logo is particulary great. This bag is a great eye-catcher with simple outfits. 
The eye-catching bags from Oilily is just so darn cute! Your kids will also fall in love with the bold graphic patterns and playful designs. 
Oilily Fantasy Floral
My second favorite, There is something about flowers and women. We just cannot get enough of them. I love the floral with orange trimming and the perfect color combination.
Oilily Winter Ovation
Oilily are specially printed and embroidered to add the authentic look we all crave. 
 Umbrella- Perfect for the rainy season. 
Comes in a pattern to match many of the various Oilily bags, purses, wallets, etc for that co-ordinated look. It comes with separate protective outer cover for when not in use. 
 Cosmetic Bags-Fabulous compartment for your makeup. It also contains a removable, unbreakable mirror to always look your best!
Wallets that will surely give you that good luck vibe with the colorful design that will you smile to match your Oilily bags. 
Iphone, Samsung Galaxy and Ipad Cases ♥ 
Designed to fit your mobile phones and ipad in a stylish way to protect from scratches, dust and dirt.
 With the gorgeous bloggers Angela (Lush Angel) and Angel (Wonder Woman Rises) 
Thank you so much Oilily Philippines for inviting us to visit your store. 

The Oilily experience is filled with smiles, fashion, functionality and sass.

These bags are bound to enhance your lively cuteness! With uniqueness and convenience, Oilily bags are gaining worldwide attention.
Oilily bag is perfect for school, work, trips, hobby or leisure and more!

The Oilily collections are made with style and function and are created to look fabulous!
 The Oilily straps and handles are comfortable and the bags are roomy. The Oilily bags will keep you going for years!

What do you think of Oilily?
Which one is your favorite(s)?

See more of Oilily Products  
Visit Oilily at the ground floor of the Alabang Town Center and a kiosk at Greenbelt 3 and pick your favorite Oilily bag and you'll not only stand out from a crowd, but you'll be admired and adored!

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Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. Nice bags.. a perfect gift on holiday season.. Need to save for my love ones :)

    1. Indeed the perfect gift that will surely make anyone happy. ♥

  2. These bags are beautiful. Good thing they have another branch because ATC is already far from me. Lol

  3. A lot of varieties to choose from.. I love it.. very colorful. plus they also cater cute accessories that matches the bags...

  4. cute bags,very colorful and love the bug design bags

  5. Sooo cute design bags, love it tlga! hope mgkroon ng branch dito sa Tarlac :-)....Love ko yn :-) "terno terno :-)

  6. They are all cute! love their colors and designs! I hope they are affordable!

  7. i love printed bags. sooo love the designs and oh my little princess will definitely love those kiddie bags too.

  8. Ang cute naman nang mga bags.. Im gonna buy one when I go to manila. :D

  9. I will make sure that Oilily bags will be bloom in the market because of unique and adorable designs that they are offering for their customers,new look and fresh from the eye.

  10. i love the prints of Oilily Bags! they were all adorable! can't even pick one, i wish i can have all of them! hahaha!

  11. Nice touch of colors and prints. Keep on sharing such wonderful finds

    - BenteUno.com

  12. I'm in love with the colors and prints! I want the umbrellas & I know my aunt will adore it...

  13. I'm in love with the colors and prints! I want the umbrellas and my aunt will surely adore it too, she's very fond of umbrellas...

  14. The designs are so unique & colorful. I like to own one.

  15. I once visited their store and yes, the products are really great; functional, fashionable, stylish. I'll try to save so I could buy one *wink*

  16. cute bags! love the Oilily Maxi Flowers designs <3

  17. Very girly, and unique designs..perfect for the kids! :D

  18. The designs are girly,and unique..Perfect for the kids! :D


  20. oh my! i so love bags.. and I love the flowery color.. so lively!

  21. The bags are really beautiful and unique! I love the floral designs and the designs for the cellphone cases and ipad cases :)))

  22. Ang gaganda ng bag ang ganda ng mga kulay!!!sobranf like ms. rochelle

  23. Ang gaganda ng mga kulay ng bag sobrang like ko p, Ms.rochelle lahat ng style pati sa design!!!

  24. Wow! I like the vibrant colors of those bags, I really need to earn money, I hope I can buy one before the year end.

  25. Thank you for sharing this to us, its my first actually to know about oilily. Mahilig po talaga ako sa bag so I am looking forward to try it, as I see super ganda ng mga designs at prints, naexcite tuloy ako sana lang may branch na malapit po dito sa amen sa Batangas City!

  26. wow! you can select to a lot of bags and accessories there and it's very fashionable. ^_^

  27. I've been a tourist to The Netherlands last 2009 and I saw their boutique there during that time. Their items are full of colors, life, happiness that I bet any girl would love to have a piece of their artwork. I bought one their but I gave it to my mother because she loves it too. I'm so happy it now reached Philippines. :)

  28. They have nice designs for bags, they should open more branches in Metro Manila.

  29. Very cute and unique more bags and wallets.

  30. a very cute bags, more bags and wallet more designs :)

  31. yes nice and colorful bags that is perfect this holiday,not only holiday season but in any event for gifts!!!

  32. Wow, very attractive designs that any one can love♥

  33. Wow!! there are more cute bags and accessories...

  34. it is nice and love the bag colors.

  35. it is awesome. i love the bags and the colors.. :))

  36. i want to visit here....i love your bags...

  37. i love bagssana nkavisit aq sa store nyo....

  38. a unique designs and loveable styles that anyone would like. love it!

  39. their bag designs are really cute and colorful =)

  40. I really love the bag designs, cute! I also like to have that.:)

  41. The prints are adoraaaaaaaaaable! I want them all!

  42. the bags are very beautiful and colorful

  43. The bags fit for everyone. Different kinds of styles to choose from. Plus, the quantities are limited so you could only have few people to have the same bag.
    By the way, I love the Oilily Tropical tote collection. At first, I thought the picture was a carnival. Haha.

  44. How much po ang baby bags nyo

  45. A trip to Megamall is never complete without a window shopping at Oilily. :D That explains the name, it's a Dutch brand pala. I am on a lookout for their sale.


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