Watsons Men Zone Has Total Solutions for Men ♥

Watsons Men Zone Has Total Solutions for Men

Watsons Men Zone Has Total Solutions for Men

In this time of options and accessibility, anyone—and we mean anyone—can be #hunkmaterial.

 No longer is it excusable for men to look sloppy. The time of dapper dudes has finally come. 

They know exactly what they want and where to get only the best of what they need. 

In comes the Watsons Men Zone, a one-stop shop that has anything and everything just for men.

 Knowing that men hardly have the time and patience to scour through rows and rows for their grooming
  Watsons created the men zone. 
In Watsons, men’s grooming is quick, simple, and rewarding, and they house the best grooming products that’ll get men to look good and feel great.

The Male Check List

Running through the checklist for men’s grooming, the Watsons Men Zone manages to tick off the
dapper man’s musts…and then some. 

Here, some stuff for steamy studs: 
To care for his crowning glory, there is a wide range of men-specific shampoos and conditioners that understand men’s unique hair state. 
Among these is CLEAR Men with cooling menthol that intensely cools and deeply nourishes the

Dove MEN + CARE Deep Clean
DOVE MEN + CARE Extra Fresh
To clean up and keep acne at bay, oil-zapping facial washes, like Dove Men, which has a mild
formula that thoroughly cleanses while effectively fighting dry skin.

 Vaseline Men, which has the right amount of hydration for healthy, resilient skin. For men who prefer lighter skin.

The following offer great skin solutions:

Belo Men with DermWhite plus microbeads, which whitens and removes rough skin;
Nivea Men, which is formulated with five natural ingredients for lighter, brighter skin; 

 L’Oréal Men Expert, a smoothing action formula that prevents the recurrence of acne marks and makes skin softer and brighter.
For an even smoother face, Gillette’s select razors guaranteed stubble-free face. 

And paired with Schick’s Shave Guard Foam and Gels, the combo promises a smooth shaving glide. 

Men can also get kissably soft with Watsons Men Moisturizing Lip Balm, infused with vitamin E and peppermint to moisturize lips and sweet almond oil to prevent dryness. 

To control sweat and odor, the best buys are 
the classic favorite Old Spice High Endurance, which offers high-performing odor protection; 

and Gatsby Aqua Deo, an innovative powder product from Japan that contains sweat and sebum-absorbing particles for lasting freshness.

And finally, to keep men smelling great all-day long, Watsons has a wide array of body sprays and men’s colognes that spell sexy and fresh

Adidas Ice Dive, a fresh scent for men who live
the thrill of intense pleasures;
Playboy New York Deo Spray, a scent designed for confident men; 
and Axe Apollo, a classically fragrance meant for heroes, are top favorites.

Made For Men

Because the Watsons Men Zone is made especially for men, purchases are also duly rewarded with special gifts, freebies, and invites to exclusive events.

 At Watsons, they not only know what’s best for women, but expanding their expertise to cover what’s best in male grooming maintaining to be a reputable and dependable store of overall health, beauty and wellness. 

With the grooming solutions available at the Watsons Men Zone, men can take the reins, be the men they want to be, and in turn, snag the women, life, and career they want. Now, who wouldn’t want that?
Today’s men are geared, groomed, and ready to rule the world.

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  1. It's good to know hubby is updated with watson's total solutions. he is already using some the products. :)

    1. Oo nga Clarice I love that they have a Men ZOne that not only ladies can shop but also for the husband or boyfriend. :-) More ways and more fun to shop at Watsons.

    2. And i think it is helpful na the stock it up in one area because my hubby does not make a list of what he needs, so he just grabs whatever he sees when we go shopping. :)

  2. very true ms. rochelle most men tlga di matyaga mghanap hanap pa, unlike us ladies.basta ung bibilhin nila un lang tlga ung gusto nila mkita at kunin. Great may watsons men's zone na..^^

    1. Hi Kristine uu nga sobra helpful that meron na Men Zone na isang aisle lang yung mga need nila bilhin. Tayo kase we don't mind going around the store looking for something we need. hehehe... Watsons did a great job on thinking about Men too. :-)

  3. That's why I love Watson's =) super complete, one of my happy places too and Dove has toiletries for meron na din!

  4. That's why I love Watson's =) super complete, one of my happy places too and Dove has toiletries for meron na din!

  5. I remember my bf here, as he now has a nice place to shop by I remember, he doesn't like buying his things hahaha. He likes me to do that thing for him as he trust my taste and knowledge with basics. He just use facial wash, Cetaphil, they Clear Men for his shampoo and that's it :D Gel too if we're going out. :D

  6. Woohoo! So proud and happy that they added a blogger to the roster :)


  7. I am so proud and happy that they added a blogger to the roster :) Thanks for sharing this. Been looking for it on YouTube!


  8. Awesome post! Now my husband knows where to go when shopping for his toiletries.


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